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Derksen is your specialist for storage and management of both static and dynamic archives. With the help of the “Archive Storage Management System” each archive box is assigned with a unique location number, so that files and documents can be traced and monitored quickly With our archive depositary system the following aspects are closely monitored:

  • Contents and location of each file
  • Dates of registration and removal
  • Date when the archive may be destroyed
  • The number of reclaims and by authorized persons

Climate control in our storage warehouse is able to keep your archives in perfect condition, thanks to a constant temperature and humidity. Your archives are also extra protected against theft and fire. Only authorized persons have access to the archives, so that privacy is guaranteed.

Since 1898, Derksen is the specialist in managing, securing, and destroying archives and all other kinds of confidential information. Derksen has control of 8 miles archive storage.With your own archives storage in Arnhem across the highway A325, it makes storing your archives as close as possible.



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