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Art Handling worldwide, Derksen International movers Netherlands


Derksen Art Handling specializes in Transporting, Storing, Packing and Shipping of Fine Arts & Antiques, we operate throughout Europe and into the rest of the world, our expertise, professionalism and a keen eye for detail has been at the fore-front of our success, we are a large organization and give a great personal service to our ever expanding client list that includes Museums, Art Galleries, Antique Dealers and Private Collectors.

The majority of our staff has been with us for many years, all have been security checked and are very experienced in the handling and packing of priceless art works. We own a carpenter's yard and we have the ability to use the most modern materials. In combination with our expertise and well-educated workers we can make a suitable shipping packing for every peace of art. Reliability and safety are both very important for our company.

Please contact us if you require information about your specific project.

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