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International relocation services, Derksen Netherlands


When your employees relocate to new posts within Europe and overseas, you will need a domestic and international relocation company for your people, processes and technology to ensure your employees are 'up and running' as quickly as possible.

We know that the performance of your employees is key to the success of your business. We understand, better than anyone, the challenges they or their family may face.

Samples of our relocation services:

  • Helping with property
  • Selling property 
  • Property rental services 
  • Home search services
  • Consultation 
  • Education service 
  • Partner job search 
  • Area information 
  • Removals

Derksen offers a highly personal service, created to suit your relocation policy to ensure that your employees make an easy transition to the new home, within Europe or overseas.

Please contact us for more information about assisting in your project.

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